International Watercolor Contest 2019




International Watercolor Contest 2019 by Galleria Esdé was born with the aim to promote the art of watercolor over the world, opening a wide view on the several interpretations of this painting technique beyond any geographic border. The project has the focus on cultural spreading and exchanging among all nationality artists in order to help talented ones with money prizes and opportunities to take part in relevant International artistic events.








In this 4th edition of International Watercolor Contest 2019, Galleria Esdé is offering these following prizes:


  • 1000€ - purchase prize for the 1st classified artist

  • 500€   - purchase prize for the 2nd classified artist

  • 300€   - purchase prize for the 3rd classified artist


  • Participation prize for the 75 finalist selected artworks into "International Watercolor Exhibition" curated by Galleria Esdé;

  • Publication prize for the first 100 artworks in the catalogue* curated and edited by Galleria Esdé;

  • Solo-exhibition prize: Galleria Esdé is curating a solo-exhibition for one artist chosen among the authors of the 75 finalist selected artworks;

  • Participation prize into Biennal "Aqua'Rêves" Saint-Chamond 2020, in France, for one artist chosen among the authors of the 75 finalist selected artworks;

  • Participation prize Fabriano InAcquarello festival 2020 for 1 artist under 30 selected among all the participants of the contest;

  • Participation prize into LaborLimae art gallery in Turin for 10 artists among the finalists artists;

  • Eshop prize: the 75 finalist selected artworks will be on sale in the eshop on Galleria Esdé official website during the period of "International Watercolor Exhibition";

  • Winsor & Newton Special Prize: Fine art materials for 3 artists selected by Winsor & Newton.

*the paper catalogue is available on selling







Any nationality artists from 18 years and older, except: 


- the money prizes winners from previous editions;

- the closest relatives of the jury members until the first step of being relatives








Contest theme is free, submitted artworks need to be painted by watercolor technique, pure or with little retouching by tempera or other media (for example. masking fluid, ink) which don’t change the nature itself of the painting by water.







Candidated artworks to be admitted to the contest have to mandatory respect these requirements: 


5.1. have to be original and unpublished, so never before running into other contests, never exhibited previously in solo-exhibitions or collective ones, never published in any magazine, catalogues or online eshops, failing which the artworks will be immediately disqualified. It’s allowed publishing on social media and personal websites by the artists.


5.2. have to mandatory respect this following size: they can’t be over the max size of 40x60 cm or 60x40 cm, but they definetely can be least size. If over max size allowed, artworks will be immediately disqualified. For max size of 40x60 o 60x40 cm it’s considered the whole painting without passepartout or frame. 


5.3. have to be without signature by the author because jury is evaluating all the artworks as anonymous, failing which the artworks will be immediately disqualified. Artworks can be signed only after the official communication by the gallery of having passed the selection of 75 finalist artworks.


5.4. have to be submitted by true pictures, without filters neither retouching and they have to mantein the real nature of the painting itself. Pictures have to contain only and exclusively the image of the artworks, without backgrounds external to the artworks themselves. Failing these requirements, not respecting them, so the artworks will be immediately disqualified.


5.5 have to be submitted by pictures in candidate con foto in high definition and in high quality (300 dpi) in order to guarantee a correct evaluation by jury and in order to elaborate artworks catalogue and in add all the promotional material for the contest.






Submission to the contest takes place only and exclusively by internet and after doing payment of the application fee by and not over 25 October 2019. In this first step of the contest, artworks not have to be physically sent.

It’s possible to submit from a minimum of 1 artwork to a maximum of 3 artworks.


Competitor artist has to: 


6.1. follow this link


6.2 click the button with the number of the artworks to be submitted (1, 2 or 3 artworks) in order to fill in the proper  submission form.


6.3 fill in the submission form inserting as required artist personal data and artwork (or artworks) data to be submitted. All the fields marked with the red asterisk (*) are mandatory and necessary for the whole bureaucracy by secretary.


6.4 upload the image with the artwork (or more artworks) in the form itself as required in format .jpg.


6.5 pay the application fee. Payment can be done by these following payment systems: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card and Prepaid Card. Other payment ways are not accepted  (Western Union, Cash).


  • Application fee for 1 artwork is 30 Euros;

  • Application fee for 2 artworks is 50 Euros;

  • Application fee for 3 artworks is 70 Euros;


After checking the done payment of application fee, Galleria Esdé will officially communicate by email the confirmation of submission to the competitor artist.


Application fees are to cover the managing of all the contest phases and they are not refundable in any case( for example: in case of disqualification and in case of not selection).

Sending the submission form means completely accepting all the points of this Regulation itself.

Each paid fee means that Galleria Esdé will provide a Fiscal Receipt to the artists so Fiscal Code and/ or VAT number are mandatory and necessary.







Jury is called to evaluate the artworks submitted following the parameters of composition, originality and technique. Artworks will be presented to the jury anonymously and so without the signature by the author.

The 75 finalist artworks are the ones receiving the higher votes decide by the jury.

In place of Jury President, Mrs Daniela Sonedda, owner of Galleria Esdé, has to verify the correct evaluation management.

Only after the official communication of the 75 finalist selected artworks, competitor artists can ask for their own personal results of evaluation just sending an email to


Jury results are unchallengeable.







Galleria Esdé will publish on the official website the 75 finalist artworks that will be in “International Watercolor Exhibition”.

Proclamation of the first 3 classified artists and of the prizes winners will take place not before than Official Opening ceremony of the exhibition.


In case of unexpected circumstances, Galleria Esdé has the right to postpone the communication of the 75 selected artworks after the date set in the calendar.







Galleria Esdé will communicate to the selected artists how to send the artworks. Artworks need to be sent by and not after the deadline fixed by the Gallery.

The Gallery has no any responsability on delate or results of delivery neither on customs problems. 

Sending and sending back costs of the artworks are up to the artists. 

At the end of the exhibition Galleria Esdé will communicate to the artists who participated into "International Watercolor Exhibition" how to send back the artworks period and costs of delivery. After the comunication by Galleria Esdé the artists have to mandatory bring back the artwork by 60 days. In case of not bringing back the artwork by the deadline set Galleria esdé will not have any responsability on the artwork itself.


The artworks have mandatory to be sent without any passepartout or any frame. The Gallery will provide to guarantee an uniform exhibition making the same equal passepartout for all the artworks thanks of a professional framer.

The cost of each passepartout for each single artwork is 15 Euros. Galleria Esdé will communicate directly the artists of the selected artworks how to pay.







  • 25 October 2019: deadline of the call for participants, last day to submit;


  • 19 November 2019: Names of the finalist selected artists will be published on;


  • 19 December 2019: deadline for delivery of the artworks in Galleria Esdé;


  • 25 January 2020: opening ceremony of “International Watercolor Exhibition”  and awarding of the first 3 classified and of the prizes winners.


  • In case of unexpected circumstances Galleria Esdé has the right to change the calendar.







In case of unexpected circumstances, Galleria Esdé has the right in any moment to cancel or postpone the contest. In case of cancellation, Galleria Esdé undertakes to reimburse the application fee to the artists.


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